CAL7F Locking Bushs

CAL7F Locking Bushs
CAL7F Locking Bushs
Consists of one inside and one outside cone ring, which are joined by a set of screws. It is suitable for medium to high torques and is self-centering. Applications which require a very precise axial positioning are not recommended, owing to a small axial displacement of the hub during the assembly operation. Available for shaft diameters from 20 to 85 mm.
Part No# Description Price UOM In Stock Order Qty
TLK133--20/47 CAL7F 20/47 Locking Bush AU$17.60 EACH Available
TLK133--22/47 CAL7F 22/47 Locking Bush AU$18.22 EACH Available
TLK133--24/50 CAL7F 24/50 Locking Bush AU$18.83 EACH Available
TLK133--25/50 CAL7F 25/50 Locking Bush AU$20.24 EACH Available
TLK133--28/55 CAL7F 28/55 Locking Bush AU$20.94 EACH Available
TLK133--30/55 CAL7F 30/55 Locking Bush AU$20.94 EACH Available
TLK133--32/60 CAL7F 32/60 Locking Bush AU$24.46 EACH Out of stock Request A Quote
TLK133--35/60 CAL7F 35/60 Locking Bush AU$26.05 EACH Out of stock Request A Quote
TLK133--38/65 CAL7F 38/65 Locking Bush AU$27.19 EACH Available
TLK133--40/65 CAL7F 40/65 Locking Bush AU$32.82 EACH Available
TLK133--42/75 CAL7F 42/75 Locking Bush AU$37.58 EACH Available
TLK133--45/75 CAL7F 45/75 Locking Bush AU$37.40 EACH Available
TLK133--48/80 CAL7F 48/80 Locking Bush AU$38.72 EACH Available
TLK133--50/80 CAL7F 50/80 Locking Bush AU$40.30 EACH Available
TLK133--55/85 CAL7F 55/85 Locking Bush AU$42.68 EACH Available
TLK133--60/90 CAL7F 60/90 Locking Bush AU$45.41 EACH Available
TLK133--65/95 CAL7F 65/95 Locking Bush AU$55.70 EACH Available
TLK133--70/110 CAL7F 70/110 Locking Bush AU$72.42 EACH Available
TLK133--75/115 CAL7F 75/115 Locking Bush AU$77.00 EACH Available
TLK133--80/120 CAL7F 80/120 Locking Bush AU$82.19 EACH Available
TLK133--85/125 CAL7F 85/125 Locking Bush AU$88.09 EACH Available

All Pricing Includes 10% G.S.T.

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