Saga donut style couplings are made in the USA and use UNC threads (inch). They may come with 6 or 8 bolt holes depending on the size of the element. Please refer to the downloadable information below to check the outside diameter, bolt pitch circle diameter and bolt size to ensure you have selected the correct element. A new bolt set is included with every coupling element. It is important to note that the steel band around the element should only be removed after the element has been installed onto the hubs.
Part No# Description Price UOM In Stock Order Qty
S11D Saga 11 Donut with Hardware AU$764.23 Each Available
S13D Saga 13 Donut with Hardware AU$1211.06 Each Available
S15D Saga 15 Donut with Hardware AU$1492.34 Each Available
S18D Saga 18 Donut with Hardware AU$1492.34 Each Available
S22D Saga 22 Donut with Hardware AU$2187.80 Each Available
S26D Saga 26 Donut with Hardware AU$3500.34 Each Available
S30D Saga 30 Donut with Hardware AU$6750.67 Each Available
S34D Saga 34 Donut with Hardware AU$7578.96 Each Available
S40HUB Saga 40 Hub AU$0.00 Each Out of stock Request A Quote

All Pricing Includes 10% G.S.T.

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