Rigid Bolt Coupling

Rigid Bolt Coupling
Rigid Bolt Coupling
The bolt coupling is a rigid coupling. It is made of two cast iron halves, which are bolted together. The coupling is maintenance and lubrication free, and its construction prevents fretting corrosion and allows for easy installation and removal. The bolt coupling is suppied with-out a keyway.
Part No# Description Price UOM In Stock Order Qty
GB-20 GB 20 Bolt Coupling 20mm Bore (GB20) AU$152.77 Each Available
GB-25 GB 25 Bolt Coupling 25mm Bore (GB25) AU$152.77 Each Available
GB-30 GB 30 Bolt Coupling 30mm Bore (GB30) AU$212.91 Each Available
GB-35 GB 35 Bolt Coupling 35mm Bore (GB35) AU$245.86 Each Available
GB-40 GB 40 Bolt Coupling 40mm Bore (GB40) AU$302.61 Each Available
GB-45 GB 45 Bolt Coupling 45mm Bore (GB45) AU$337.11 Each Available
GB-50 GB 50 Bolt Coupling 50mm Bore (GB50) AU$379.53 Each Available
GB-55 GB 55 Bolt Coupling 55mm Bore (GB55) AU$498.19 Each Available
GB-60 GB 60 Bolt Coupling 60mm Bore (GB60) AU$545.24 Each Available
GB-65 GB 65 Bolt Coupling 65mm Bore (GB65) AU$727.96 Each Out of stock Request A Quote
GB-70 GB 70 Bolt Coupling 70mm Bore (GB70) AU$1005.54 Each Out of stock Request A Quote

All Pricing Includes 10% G.S.T.

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