Rigid Sleeve - Inch

Rigid Sleeve - Inch
Rigid Sleeve - Inch
Lovejoy Rigid Sleeve coupling fit the standard industry shafting with inch diameters. These couplings, the simplest type of coupling and provide a fixed union between two shafts which must be precisely aligned. They are suitable for use in joining any two shafts when flexibility is not required, shaft alignment is maintained, and proper bearing support is provided. Bore tolerances are -.000/+.002 inches.
Part No# Description Price UOM In Stock Order Qty
SC-250 SC 250 Rigid Sleeve Coupling 0.250 Inch AU$80.16 Each Available
SC-312 SC 312 Rigid Sleeve Coupling 0.312 Inch AU$90.09 Each Available
SC-375 SC 375 Rigid Sleeve Coupling 0.375 Inch AU$100.18 Each Available
SC-500 SC 500 Rigid Sleeve Coupling 0.500 Inch AU$120.20 Each Available
SC-625 SC 625 Rigid Sleeve Coupling 0.625 Inch AU$140.22 Each Available
SC-750 SC 750 Rigid Sleeve Coupling 0.750 Inch AU$150.23 Each Available
SC-875 SC 875 Rigid Sleeve Coupling 0.875 Inch AU$210.29 Each Available
SC1000 SC1000 Rigid Sleeve Coupling 1.000 Inch AU$230.31 Each Out of stock Request A Quote
SC1125 SC1125 Rigid Sleeve Coupling 1.125 Inch AU$260.41 Each Available
SC1250 SC1250 Rigid Sleeve Coupling 1.250 Inch AU$320.40 Each Available
SC1375 SC1375 Rigid Sleeve Coupling 1.375 Inch AU$458.84 Each Available

All Pricing Includes 10% G.S.T.

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