Nu-T-Link Belting

Nu-T-Link Belting
Nu-T-Link Belting
Nu-T-Link & Super-T-Link is well established throughout the world as the V-belt that successfully overcomes many of the problems previously associated with standard V-belts. By utilising a composite polyurethane and polyester material Nu-T-Link & Super-T-Link ensures an extended operational life over rubber based V-belts.

Replacing V-belts can often be a complex and time consuming chore. In many cases the drive assembly often needs to be dismantled to gain open access to both pulleys. However, with the unique and patented 'T' link construction, the belt can be joined without dismantling the machine
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Part No# Description Price UOM In Stock Order Qty
A/13 A/13 Nu-T-Link Belting AU$83.75 Metre Available
B/17 B/17 Nu-T-Link Belting AU$92.66 Metre Available
C/22 C/22 Nu-T-Link Belting AU$143.06 Metre Out of stock Request A Quote
D/32 D/32 Nu-T-Link Belting AU$0.00 Metre Available
SPA SPA Super-T-Link Belting AU$104.74 Metre Available
SPB SPB Super-T-Link Belting AU$107.81 Metre Available
Z/10 Z/10 Nu-T-Link Belting AU$77.32 Metre Available

All Pricing Includes 10% G.S.T.

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