QD Bush Pilot Bore

QD Bush Pilot Bore
QD Bush Pilot Bore
The taper-bored "QD" item easily fits over the tapered bush and tightening of the bolt produces a tight fit on the shaft. The bush is easily removed from the hub by using the pull-up bolts as jack screws. All QD - bushes are drilled for reverse mounting and available in pilot bore only. Sizes available include QH, JA, SH, SDS, SD, SK, SF, E, F, J, M, N.
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Part No# Description Price UOM In Stock Order Qty
E-QD E QD Bush 7/8 Bore AU$175.02 Each Available
F-QD F QD Bush 1-1/2" Bore AU$233.77 Each Available
J-QD J QD Bush 2" Bore AU$345.27 Each Available
JA-QD JA QD Bush 3/8 Bore AU$7.47 Each Available
M-QD M QD Bush 2.3/4" bore AU$701.32 Each Available
N-QD N QD Bush 3" bore AU$923.15 Each Available
QH-QD QH (H) QD Bush 3/8 Bore AU$14.40 Each Available
SD-QD SD QD Bush 5/8 Bore AU$37.11 Each Available
SDS-QD SDS QD Bush 1/2 Bore AU$29.65 Each Available
SF-QD SF QD Bush 1/2" Bore AU$94.94 Each Available
SH-QD SH QD Bush 1/2" Bore AU$20.79 Each Available
SK-QD SK QD Bush 1/2 Bore AU$74.15 Each Available

All Pricing Includes 10% G.S.T.

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