CAL2F Locking Rings

CAL2F Locking Rings
CAL2F Locking Rings
Consists of two cone rings and must be equipped with a fastening flange, usually manufactured by the user. The number of locking screws depends on the torque to be transmitted. It is not self-centering. CAL2 requires very small axial installation dimensions. Up to 4 units can be arranged behind each other, allowing high torques to be transmitted. Available for shaft diameters from 28 to 85 mm.
Part No# Description Price UOM In Stock Order Qty
TLK300--22/26 CAL2F 22/26 Locking Rings AU$7.66 Each Available
TLK300--28/32 CAL2F 28/32 Locking Rings AU$7.74 Each Available
TLK300--30/35 CAL2F 30/35 Locking Rings AU$7.83 Each Available
TLK300--32/36 CAL2F 32/36 Locking Rings AU$8.01 Each Available
TLK300--40/45 CAL2F 40/45 Locking Rings AU$8.98 Each Available
TLK300--45/52 CAL2F 45/52 Locking Rings AU$11.00 Each Available
TLK300--50/57 CAL2F 50/57 Locking Rings AU$12.32 Each Available
TLK300--65/73 CAL2F 65/73 Locking Rings AU$17.51 Each Available
TLK300--75/84 CAL2F 75/84 Locking Rings AU$23.23 Each Available
TLK300--80/91 CAL2F 80/91 Locking Rings AU$27.81 Each Available
TLK300--85/96 CAL2F 85/96 Locking Rings AU$30.36 Each Available

All Pricing Includes 10% G.S.T.

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